ESA Summer of Code in Space 2012 – SUCCESS

Yay! Just got an email saying I successfully completed SOCIS 2012 with GNU Octave! I would like to thank my mentor Juan Pablo Carbajal and Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso for help and the support during this program.

If of interest: proposal, progress reports and a wiki of contributed functionality.

P.S. Even efter SOCIS ended, I will remain a part of the awesome community ;-)


So after the press release on 2012/04/03 I can finally share what I have been working on for a past ~year! Currently I am a 2nd year undergrad at the University of Edinburgh and due to right circumstances (thanks go to Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar) I was able to become a part of awesome project, BLUE (Bipedal Locomotion at the University of Edinburgh). BLUE is a new type of bipedal robot, in fact, first in the world, which can control the stiffness and damping of its joints independently. It is an Alexander Enoch’s PhD (University of Edinburgh) project.

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Quote #0

How do you know if you really understand something? You know that you really understand something if you can turn to the person next to you and explain it to him. How do you know that you really really understand something? If you can explain it to somebody who is not very bright. How do you know if you really really really understand something? Get a computer to do it! What could be more moronic than a computer? So the way you that know that you truly understand something is not if you can do it, not if you can explain it to somebody else, but if you can explain it well enough, that is write a program, that gets a computer to do it. -Philip Wadler, 01/11/2010.

Campus Party Europe 2010 DAY#0

As most of my close friends already know, I was invited to the Campus Party Europe, a event brought by The Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation which will be held in Madrid from 14th – 18th April, during the Spanish Presidency of the European Union.

Campus Party Europe: a special edition of what is considered the biggest event for technology, creativity and digital culture online in the world.

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